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The psychology between good hair and self confidence

Hair and self esteem - male with thick hair
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It may sound strange, but the truth is having hair confidence is important to many people, not just aesthetically but also on a psychological level. Most of us can accept that looks do matter. Whether we like it or not, appearance impacts all aspects of our life, from personal through to social and professional.

Losing hair is a psychological affair

At Hair By Science we realise that there is much more to a person than hair, but lets be honest, how we look can have a major impact on how we feel, and how we feel strongly influences our mood, productivity and performance. It is also true that looks can play a key role in how others perceive us. There is no denying that hair matters and it can have positive or negative effects on our self-esteem and self-confidence.
So, why does hair matter so much? Well historically hair was seen as a sign of wealth and class; upper class men and women wore elaborate white curly wigs to symbolise social status.  Plus lets not forget that judges and political figures have adorned wigs as a sign of authority and wisdom for years.
Hair care is a multimillion-dollar industry; you cannot turn on the TV, read a magazine or look online and not be bombarded with adverts and endorsements for the latest hair product which will transform not only your hair, but your life.
It is no wonder we place such high value on hair, so on the flip side of that is the emotional effects of when hair starts thinning hair or going grey.  Thinning and balding is essentially associated with aging, which is why it can be a rather confronting experience, and you often see men going to great lengths to try and disguise the effects.
Most men will admit that hair loss is a worry for them, and that when the first signs of thinning hair present themselves, it can be a stressful experience. Hair can give us confidence and makes us feel younger, which is why when it starts to go we can begin to question our authority and youthfulness.
What would you exchange to have a full head of hair for life? One year of your life, your beer supply for a year or perhaps even sex for a year? Although most men are not comfortable expressing their concerns freely, many studies have concluded that hair issues have become almost as important for men as body issues.
Hair loss will affect around 70% of men in their lifetime; making it a common problem; putting the majority of us in the same boat, so why does the thought of thinning hair keep us up at night? The truth is that in modern society – whether accurate or not – hair represents youth, vitality, health and confidence therefore there is no shame in admitting we would prefer our hair to remain exactly where it should be.
Use your head and speak to one of our medical experts to see how Hair Growth By Science can help you begin your hair regrowth journey.
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