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Male hair regrowth – understanding the process

stress and hair loss
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How to regrow hair – The Process

Hair loss in men is a commonly experienced problem. Some men begin experiencing thinner hair or areas of hair loss in their 20’s and many more by the time they are 35. There are often several reason or causes underlying male hair loss. Hair regrowth for men can often be achieved by addressing the underlying causes, such as vitamin deficiencies or inadequate nutrition, or even stress management.Natural regrowth treatments will often include shampoos or other products for hair regrowth, and clinics are now able to physically regrow hair in places where hair has long since vanished!
To understand the process of hair regrowth, and to decide on the best treatments for hair loss, we need to backtrack slightly and look at what caused the hair loss initially.

How the hair growth cycle plays a role in hair regrowth treatment

No matter the actual cause of hair loss, the mechanism of hair loss is the same and it goes a little like this: First, the cycle of growing and resting is disrupted. This can either be caused by genetic factors, set down long before you were born, through to changes in your hormones, due to stress, or diseases, like thyroid conditions or autoimmune diseases.
Male Hair Regrowth ProcessThe disrupted hair cycle means the hair follicles spend longer in the resting phase than they do in the growing phase, resulting in smaller hair follicles (and also smaller and shorter hairs being produced). Eventually, the hair follicles stop producing hair altogether and you are well on your way to male baldness and hair loss. This process of cycle disruption is called miniaturisation.
The key to male hair regrowth is to address the disrupted cycle as soon as it becomes noticeable. The quicker you actively seek to treat hair loss, the more likely you will be in successfully regrowing the hair, preventing further hair loss, or at least slowing the process down.
Natural treatments for hair growth, like shampoos or foams, work to enlarge the hair follicle, prolonging the growth cycle of the hair and resulting in thicker, fuller looking hair. The miniaturisation process is reversed and the hair follicles have opportunity to continue growing and producing longer, thicker strands of hair. If the underlying causes of hair loss are also addressed, often hair will regrow naturally and a thinning or receding hairline is averted. If you were unlucky enough to receive “the bald gene”, unfortunately you won’t be able to prevent the eventual loss of your hair but you can certainly slow the process down and keep your hair for much longer.
Male pattern baldness is by far the most common cause of hair loss in men. Treatments applied to the skin, such as shampoos, have been shown to be effective in naturally regrowing hair and reducing hair loss. The best way to regrow your hair is to take action, and start treatment for hair loss as soon as you notice any changes in your hair. Male pattern baldness signs include noticeably thinning hair, more frequent hair loss, receding hairline or a slower rate of growth (and less visits to your hairdresser!).
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