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Some of the frequently asked questions.

who we are

Hair By Science is an online hair regrowth clinic.

We recognise that hair loss can be a stressful experience and often the process of finding the right treatment can be just as frustrating.

The team at Hair By Science firmly believe it doesn’t have to be like that.

Through transparency and honest support, Hair By Science is disrupting the hair loss industry. We engage doctors, pharmacists and engineers to ensure we are at the medical and technological forefront of the industry, all while making the hair loss treatments more accessible than ever before.

Hair By Science is committed to helping our customers regrow their hair and their confidence from the comfort and convenience of their home.

We love this question! Hair By Science boasts numerous advantages over the competition, but we feel the following 4 points define us best:

Science – Our doctors, pharmacists and engineers scour the medical literature from around the world to find the most effective hair loss treatments out there. Our compounding pharmacy has the ability to use this knowledge to produce products for your individual needs instead of the generic off-the-shelf solutions. Long story short, Hair By Science have the science covered, but we encourage you to look at the research to see for yourself.

Online – Our unique online platform connects the patient with a prescribing doctor and the compounding pharmacy. Being completely online means we do not have the same brick and mortar costs as the competition, allowing us to offer superior products at a fraction of the price. Another advantage of being online is that you can do your own research, making a decision from the comfort of your home and have the parcel delivered to your door. All parcels include free express post and discrete packaging.

Transparency – We are taking a stand against the big companies in the industry that suck you in without disclosing any information and then pressure you into expensive long-term commitments on the spot. At Hair By Science, we pride ourselves on being completely forthcoming with product information, pricing, and the science behind it all. If you find something that you are not clear on, we encourage you to talk to one of our friendly support team members and they will be more than happy to help.

Offering – Unlike our competitors, we have custom products and treatments for hair loss in women and hair loss in men.

Absolutely. Hair By Science offer prescription hair regrowth treatments through our online platform in line with the Telehealth Guidelines put forward by the Australian Department of Health. In order to access these medications without physically going to see a doctor, we require our patients to fill in a short medical questionnaire that contains the same questions a doctor would ask in a face to face consultation. By filling in the online medical questionnaire, our team of registered Australian doctors will issue a prescription in your name which is then sent to our state-of-the-art, registered, compounding pharmacy located in Sydney, Australia, who will then express post the medication to your door.

getting started

Yes. Male and Female. Whether your hair is short, long, thin, thick, straight, curly, blonde or fluro pink, the core biology and mechanics that produce and regulate hair follicles are the same. Hair By Science cater to hair loss in women and in men.

The products have excellent safety profiles and the side effects are minimal. Please log in and view the product page to view these side effects. (As the packages contain scheduled medications, legally, you are required to register before we can disclose this information)
The treatment will begin taking effect immediately after commencement. In the first month or two you will notice your hair loss will slow down or even stop completely. Regrowth will take a little bit longer as it takes time for your follicles to leave the resting phase and re-enter into a growth phase. Noticeable regrowth generally occurs around 2-3 months. This is why all our bundles come as a 3-month supply. It’s important to remember that everyone is different, and the time taken to see results may vary.
It generally takes around 2-3 months to see noticeable results in the mirror. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a quick fix and it’s important to have realistic expectations. We do recognise that 3 months is a commitment, but like most worthy achievements, commitment and consistency are key. If at the end of the 3 months you find the treatment has not worked for you, we will refund your money in full.
The serum was devised by our medical director, Dr Jermey Cumpston alongside our chief pharmacist and team of engineers.
Absolutely, please look at our privacy policy for more details.
Once you have placed the order online our doctors will review it in conjunction with your medical questionnaire. As long as there are no contraindications and the doctor deem your order appropriate, they will issue a script, at which point you will be notified via email. The scripted order will then be filled and despatched by the compounding pharmacy using express shipping and discreet packaging.

Everyone is different and like all other medical treatments the results will vary from person to person. For a very small percentage of people this treatment may not work at all. If after the first 3 or 6 months of treatment you find there has been no difference, we will refund your money in full. In short, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Uploading progress photographs are necessary to qualify for the money back guarantee. Please see Terms and Conditions for a full list of requirements.

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