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At Hair By Science, we like to do things differently. We believe that the hair regrowth industry has become old-fashioned and outdated, and we’re here to shake it up.

Unlike our competitors, we offer treatments and solutions for hair loss in women and in men.

Hair By Science provides a top-quality online solution for hair loss, backed up by science. 

losing your hair can be stressful​

At Hair By Science, we feel it’s our job to take the pressure off to make regaining your hair – and your confidence – as simple and straightforward as possible. That’s why we work with doctors, pharmacists and engineers to make sure the service and products we provide get you the best possible hair growth results.

we can give you the results you’ve always wanted, from the comfort of your very own home

At Hair By Science, we use clinically-proven ingredients, sourced by our fully-qualified team who find only the most effective treatments from medical literature around the world.

hair regrowth clinic online australia

our point of difference

Hair By Science is proud to stand out from the crowd in our industry, offering customised solutions for hair loss in women and in men.

We tailor hair treatment packages to suit your individual needs. With something as personal as your hair, there’s no way a ready-made treatment will do.

Most importantly, Hair By Science back up all our products and ingredients with hard facts. It’s the science behind our offering that truly sets us apart from the rest. That, and our personalised, fully transparent service. You can browse through the research for yourself, as well as our product details and prices – at Hair By Science, we are an open book.

If you’re unsure of any element or you need advice, Hair By Science will always chat through your queries with you. 

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