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baldness gene - father is bald
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Is there a baldness gene determining one’s predisposition to male pattern baldness?

Well, the answer to whether ones father genetically predisposes a male to baldness is both yes; and no. We know – completely helpful, right? Read a little more and we’ll give you a more definitive explanation for male pattern baldness, the causes of male hair loss, the best baldness treatment for hair regrowth and what it all means for you, particularly if your father has experienced hair loss or balding.


Male balding is actually quite common. It’s estimated that up to 70% of men in Australia will experience some hair loss in their lifetime, with many men noticing changes as early as their 20s. There are a few different reasons why male balding occurs but, by and large, the common reason is ‘male pattern baldness’, or androgenetic alopecia.


Men begin to notice the changes of male hair loss firstly in the texture of their hair. It feels finer and perhaps doesn’t seem to be growing as quickly. The thinning hair then starts to be lost around the temple area, and gradually moves backwards from the hairline. This is often referred to as a ‘receding hairline’ and the hair loss continues in a fairly predictable pattern, eventually resulting in partial or almost complete baldness.

CAUSES: The Baldness Gene and “Male Pattern Baldness”

‘Male pattern baldness’ or ‘male pattern hair loss’ is a hereditary condition, with many people believing that you inherit ‘the bald gene’ from your mother. While it’s true that the gene rests on the X chromosome, it’s not quite as simple as blaming
mum for your hair loss. Studies have shown that men who have fathers that are bald are more likely to go bald themselves, compared with men whose fathers retain a full head of hair. In fact, if you have baldness anywhere in your family, your chance of going bald increases.
So, the bad news is that male baldness is coded in your genes; and you possibly receive that code from your mum, or your dad, or both! Unfortunately, nothing can alter your genes. So, if your father is bald, you probably will be too at some stage in your life. However, the good news is that male pattern baldness, while it cannot be prevented, can be slowed considerably. The earlier you begin baldness treatment, the better the chances of slowing or halting hair loss.


The key to successfully treating male pattern baldness is connected to what causes hair loss in the first place. Men with the ‘bald gene’ have overly sensitive hair follicles to the hormone DHT. The hair follicle’s cycle of growth and rest is disrupted, leading to shorter, finer hair and a smaller hair follicle. Eventually, the hair follicles stop producing hair at all and, voila, male baldness!
However, hair regrowth treatments like shampoo and foams work to stabilise the hair growth cycle, keeping the hair follicle open for longer. The result is thicker, longer hair shafts, and hair loss is deferred. Instead of perhaps going bald by 35, as dad did, you may be looking at baldness much later in life. The best hair loss treatment is to start early! Hair regrowth products and natural treatments for hair loss are very successful in helping men who experience male pattern baldness keep their hair for longer. Keeping your 20-year-old hairstyle may not just be wishful thinking, but a very real possibility!
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