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Hair Regrowth Options

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Hair Regrowth Options

You haven’t even reached mid life crisis before your hair has decided to jump ship? 40% of males will start showing visible signs of hair loss by 35. Some as early as 20 or 25. Before you completely panic and buy that sports car you can’t afford, know it can often be remedied if caught early on. So, what can you do? Before you tear the rest of your hair out in frustration, face this head on (pun intended) and learn more about your options.
The options fit roughly into three areas: oral pharmacological agents, topical treatments and procedural/surgical treatments.

Oral & Topical Hair Regrowth Treatments

There is a growing body of evidence supporting topical hair regrowth products. Topical serums mitigate the side effects associated with oral treatments by providing a more localised option.
Hair By Science feature a unique serum formulated by doctors, pharmacists, and engineers, which contains the active ingredients clinically proven to stop hair loss and promote new hair growth. This can be used in conjunction with hair regrowth supplements, and a shampoo/conditioner to optimise results. The shampoo/conditioner helps create an environment that optimises new hair growth through natural organic products, maximising thick regrowth results. The dietary supplement capsules provide the necessary hair vitamins for sustained results, especially where diet deficiencies may have contributed to hair loss. These can include crucial vitamins like Zinc, Biotin and B Complex. The ability to order online and apply in the comfort of your own home are major benefits, as well as the lack of side effects.

Procedural/Surgical Treatments

Hair transplants can provide good results, but are invasive and expensive, Results also vary widely and clearly these options do not come with the ease of applying at home. Injection of platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a fairly new treatment showing potential, however it could prove costly and is still lacking evidence. As well as being invasive, it also requires ongoing trips to a clinic.
Whatever your age, the main thing is to identify the issue early and find out why it is happening. Permanent hair loss is not necessarily your fate however make sure to see a professional to investigate all possible causes. Both men and women will have more luck with long term regrowth results if the cause is resolved or minimised first.

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