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Does water make hair grow faster?

does water grow hair faster
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What is the best water for washing hair?

Dependent on where you live, the water out of the taps will determine the health of your hair. For most of us who know better, purchasing a shower filter is smart move toward protecting your existing hair and giving it the protection it needs to regrow (for those experiencing hair loss).
Tap water and its harmful elements
Unfiltered water contains numerous compounds that not only should you refrain from drinking, but should not be used on your hair. If you are looking to preserve your hair quality and prevent it from thinning, you must consider the gradual build-up of chemicals present in unfiltered tap water.

  • Sodium Fluoride
    Sodium fluoride is one element that has been shown to cause dry scalp and a coinciding inflammation. This speeds up the process of hair miniaturisation, which is when the hair follicles become thinner. Eventually, these hair follicles shrink and disappear, causing hair loss.
  • Chlorine
    Chlorine has been shown to contribute to the development of dry and brittle hair, as it has the ability to pull the sebum out of the hair shaft. Sebum, a natural oil present in the hair shaft, is needed to protect hair from damaging conditions. Chlorine has an oxidizing effect on our skin and scalp, as it splits hydrogen from water. The gas compounds that result have been scientifically proven to cause tissue damage, right down to the molecular level. Due to the absorbency of our skin, chlorine can wreak havoc readily by chemically bonding with the protein in our skin and hair. This results in dry, brittle hair, and also causes skin irritation and premature ageing.
  • Aluminium
  • Heavy metals such as nickel, lead and cadmium
  • Limescale aka Calcium Carbonate
    Present in hard water, the result of limescale on the scalp and hair follicle is a condition called “scalp calcification” which causes hair loss.

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